Les cours solo et en binôme

Cours individuels et en binôme de chant et d'instruments

Find Your Voice vous propose des cours de chant et de musique individuels ou en duo. Ils derniers sont orientés en fonction de vos attentes grâce aux conseils personnalisés de votre professeur·e. Les exercices sont accessibles à une grande variété d’âges et de niveaux différents. Libre à vous de travailler une technique en particulier ou de vous préparer pour un événement important (concours d’entrée au conservatoire, audition, concert public, enregistrement en studio, etc.). Pendant les cours, nous vous aidons à travailler sur vos blocages personnels (la peur, la timidité, la concentration, la gestion du stress, etc.) pour que vous deveniez un·e ou des artiste·s complèt·e·s et épanoui·e·s dans votre pratique !

They talk about us...

“Excellent singing teacher who works with kindness, perseverance and precision! Find Your Voice has allowed me to take new paths towards my voice! The advice given has its effect day after day, month after month ... I clearly see their impact on my voice and my interpretations! It is an absolutely remarkable school, if you manage to book a course with them, you are lucky !! "

“A pleasant welcome, a benevolent atmosphere, a pleasant energy… The great beginner that I am greatly appreciated the pedagogy of her first lesson! So, I will start again next week! "

“I am delighted to have started singing lessons and especially to have chosen Find Your Voice. The very enthusiastic and professional teachers, they communicate her passion and give lots of technical, concrete and realistic advice. Find Your Voice makes us share the warm universe of internships, concerts and jam sessions in which we can participate! A great school! "


“I took jazz and scat lessons this year with Find Your Voice and it was great! Listening teachers, caring and professional who give tips and means to move forward! I am very satisfied and I will continue to take classes! Feel free to contact them ! "

“Discovering my voice and learning to sing was a new experience for me. Find Your Voice knew not only to give me confidence but also to make me progress! I come out of each course with a smile that speaks volumes about the joy that the teaching of this school brings !!! Warning: addiction guaranteed! "

“The teachers are incredible. Listening, gentle and demanding, I have progressed enormously since the start of my lessons. The lessons are smart, exciting and very professional. I recommend ! "

“Lina is more than a teacher. It adapts to your needs, your desires and your sensitivity. Singing is a surpassing of oneself, a baring that Lina respects by highlighting your qualities while working on your difficulties. His skills are multiple: singing, music theory, piano. And even more interesting, Lina allows students to meet at extraordinary times to share the same passion! On the program: group singing lessons, preparation of jam sessions, weekends intended to deepen knowledge but also concerts during which students can perform in public! "