Cabaret & Musical Comedy Workshop

One rule: HAVE FUN!

The principle is simple. Each brings one or more song (s) (all styles combined) that they wish to present on stage. We will work on both the vocal technique and the interpretation. The little extra of this workshop: A story will be written by connecting all the songs offered.

Sketches will create a link between each number sung and YOU will be the actors who will transform a concert into a real show.

The highlight of the show: a performance will take place on July 6.

Auriane Orinel:

“Lyric training, my courses are based on operative technique (breathing, support, search for resonators, sound projection, etc.) but are perfectly suited to all styles.
Imaging the sensations, understanding the gesture and freeing the voice by adapting to the nature of each singer, are the main areas of work that I propose. Welcome! " 

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